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Volume 24 No. 112
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          The $82.5M in stock Broncos QB John Elway reaped from
     the sale of his car dealerships to Republic Industries "is
     money that eventually could be put down to purchase a
     portion of an NFL team, possibly even the Broncos,"
     according to Adam Schefer of the DENVER POST.  Elway, on the
     possibility: "Maybe it's a natural."  However, Elway said
     that he "has not, in any way, broached the issue with
     Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.  Nor does he intend to at any
     point in the near future."  Bowlen: "I'm a little upset with
     (the media) because that's obvious sensationalized
     speculation.  John's made a business deal, and what he does
     on into the future is John's business" (DENVER POST, 10/30). 
     In Denver, columnist Mark Obmascik: "Turning No. 7 into the
     public face of the Broncos ownership is the No. 1 way that
     Bowlen can win voter approval for his new taxpayer-financed
     football stadium.  Coloradans trust John Elway a lot more
     than Pat Bowlen. ... Bowlen's arrogance is one of the main
     reasons why the new stadium is crashing in the public
     opinion polls.  He somehow has made it cool for Coloradans
     to root for the Broncos on the field while rooting against
     them at the ballot box" (DENVER POST, 10/30).