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Volume 24 No. 157
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          Reebok Int'l is expected to award Lowe Howard-Spinks,
     London, its soccer assignment following a pitch that
     included Boston's Heater Advertising, according to sources
     of ADWEEK's Sarah Jones.  Reebok's newly appointed Dir of
     Worldwide Advertising, and former Coca-Cola exec, John
     Wardley said "his first goal is to determine the company's
     immediate business needs."  Wardley: "It might be that we
     need to look at other resources.  I only recently started a
     relationship with Heater and don't want to send a signal
     that we're not satisfied."  While different shops "may end
     up contributing to the creation of Reebok's new image,"
     Wardley "stressed" the importance of "conveying a single,
     consistent message."  Wardley: "We've got a really strong
     product story to tell, and I don't know that we've been
     doing that as well as we could."  Wardley added that part of
     Reebok's strategy will be "highlighting its new technology,"
     which will be included in future ads for basketball shoes,
     Reignman II and The Answer, which is the first to use DMX
     technology (ADWEEK, 10/27).  AD AGE's Jeff Jensen adds that
     Reebok will continue to "market aggressively to African-
     American teens and the urban marketplace" in '98, but that
     Wardley "would like to reach a broader audience as well." 
     Wardley "wouldn't say" if Reebok will increase or decrease
     spending, "estimated" at $92.5M last year (AD AGE, 10/27).