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Volume 24 No. 156
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          At a memorial service for Falcons Owner Rankin Smith
     yesterday, the "unwavering love of his birthplace and
     football team and, most important, his family, both nuclear
     and extended, were common themes," according to Len
     Pasquarelli of the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.  The service was
     "so well-attended that the crowd filled every pew and
     spilled over into a nearby chapel."  Commissioner Paul
     Tagliabue and "at least" 10 NFL owners attended, and
     "virtually" every franchise was represented at the service. 
     Before the service, Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell said that
     part of the city's Super Bowl XXXIV festivities will include
     "honoring Smiths's role" in bringing two Super Bowl games to
     the city (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/29).  Tagliabue, on
     Smith's legacy: "It is hard to balance.  The most visible
     thing was the won-lost record.  What was less visible was
     his laying the groundwork for the future.  The bringing of
     the NFL to Atlanta.  The Georgia Dome.  The Super Bowls. 
     I'm sure it was his great wish that [son] Taylor and the
     rest of the family turn around that record.  That would make
     him smile most of all" (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/29).