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Volume 24 No. 117

Sports Media

          After Marv Albert's suspended sentence on Friday,
     speculation continued on his possible return to broadcasting. 
     Marquee Group CEO Bob Gutkowski: "I do think he has an
     opportunity to get back.  Maybe not to the level that he once
     was, but certainly on a local market and that could lead
     again to a network market" ("NBC Nightly News," 10/24).
          TWIN MATCHUPS: The Bears-Dolphins will play tonight in
     Miami and the game will be seen on ABC in the Chicago and
     Miami markets. It is the second time the World Series has
     bumped an NFL game to Monday night, as in '87, the Cardinals-
     Twins caused the Broncos-Vikings game to move to Monday
     (BOSTON GLOBE, 10/27).  USA TODAY's Rudy Martzke writes that
     Fox execs "declined comment" on the game switching to ABC. 
     Martzke says Fox will lose "about" $2M in ad revenue and the
     expense of a TV crew sent to Miami (USA TODAY, 10/27).  

          NBC said its coverage of Game Seven of the '97 World
     Series last night earned a 26.0/39 preliminary overnight
     rating (THE DAILY).  Thursday-night's Game Five earned a
     17.2/30, tying for the second-lowest rated Game Five in
     history (N.Y. POST, 10/25).  Game Six on Saturday earned a
     16.9 preliminary overnight rating, down 24% from last year's
     Game Six, according to USA TODAY's Rudy Martzke.  He adds
     that NBC "still figures" to finish with the lowest rating in
     World Series history (USA TODAY, 10/27).  The HOLLYWOOD
     REPORTER's Stephen Battaglio adds that Game Seven will need
     to deliver around a 25 rating to prevent it from being the
     lowest-rated World Series ever (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, 10/26).
          DAY GAMES: Acting Commissioner Bud Selig, on World
     Series day games: "The objective is to put your games on
     when most people can see them.  We can deliver incredibly
     low ratings (in the daytime).  But what purpose does that
     serve?  The fact of the matter is, every time we put a day
     game on, the ratings have been abysmal.  Why put a game on
     when most of the fans don't watch?" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS,
     10/26).  NBC's Bob Costas: "They can say, 'We know in raw
     numbers, we'll get lower ratings and less money.'  But it
     will be written about and talked about, and it will give the
     game more texture.  Why not say, 'We're taking less money,
     but at least we're trying something different -- because
     what we're doing isn't working'?" (PHILA. INQUIRER, 10/26).
          FINAL NOTE: In N.Y., Joel Sherman reviewed the Series
     and wrote, "Never has the treatment of the print media been
     more callous than this postseason" (N.Y. POST, 10/26).