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          A coalition of women's groups, which includes NOW and
     the Ms. Foundation for Women, "has attacked Nike as
     hypocritical" for running new TV commercials that feature
     female athletes, while alleging the company pays "its
     largely female overseas work force poorly," according to
     Steven Greenhouse of the N.Y. TIMES.  In a letter to Nike
     CEO Phil Knight, the coalition wrote, "While the women who
     wear Nike shoes in the United States are encouraged to
     perform their best, the Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese
     women making the shoes often suffer from inadequate wages,
     corporal punishment, forced overtime and/or sexual
     harassment."  Nike Labor Issues spokesperson Vada Manager
     said the women's groups "misunderstood Nike's role."  In
     Asia, its factories "pay considerably more than do most
     factories in those countries."  The commercials "show women
     saying they will be stronger, healthier and more independent
     if they are allowed to play sports" (N.Y. TIMES, 10/26). 
     USA TODAY's Dottie Enrico reports that the 15 women's
     organizations will hold a press conference Tuesday "urging"
     Knight to "increase wages and hire an independent local
     investigator" at Nike overseas factories (USA TODAY, 10/27).