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Volume 24 No. 156


          The financial benefits of owning a minor league baseball
     franchise was examined by Roy Furchgott of the N.Y. TIMES,
     who wrote, "team owners warn that would-be baseball moguls
     should take a long look before stepping up to the plate."  
     St. Paul Saints Owner Mike Veeck: "It's possible to make
     money, and it's also possible to lose a lot very quickly." 
     Furchgott wrote that "many team owners have done well on
     their investment, not necessarily because of ticket sales but
     because resale values have skyrocketed."  Class A Northwest
     League President Robert Richmond: "A team that cost $350,000
     just 10 years ago costs $8 million today."  Furchgott
     reported that the price of a team not affiliated with MLB
     "can run as low as $25,000," while AAA teams "have asking
     prices of up to" $12M.  But costs for owners will increase,
     as the recent PBA between the NAPBL and MLB "shifts more
     costs to the minors" next season, including paying for more
     than 200 umpires, uniform costs, and half the cost of balls
     and bats (Roy Furchgott, N.Y. TIMES, 10/26).