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Volume 24 No. 155
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          Dallas-based The Marketing Arm (TMA) has become the
     marketing rep for the Knicks' Allan Houston, the Hawks'
     Steve Smith and the Raptors' Damon Stoudamire (TMA).  TMA GM
     Ray Clark told THE DAILY that the marketing strategy for all
     three will be primarily focused on regional deals, "with the
     hope of expanding to a national focus" (THE DAILY).
          THREE AMIGOS: TMA has lined up three deals for Houston,
     including a three-year deal with Sprint PCS, NY.  Houston is
     also close to signing a regional deal in the quick-service
     category.  Regarding Smith, Clark noted the Hawk guard's
     $2.5M donation last year to build a student-athlete academic
     center at his alma mater, Michigan State, as part of his
     appeal: "Steve, with his character, is exactly the type of
     individual that corporate America wants to align with."  
     Smith is also close to inking two regional deals, in the
     soft drink and quick-service categories.  Stoudamire, the
     '95 NBA Rookie of the Year, recently signed with TMA.  He
     was represented by his father, who will remain as his
     contract agent.  Stoudamire currently has deals with Wilson,
     Nike, Kellogg's Canada, and Pert Shampoo.  By playing in
     Toronto, Clark said Stoudamire is an ideal candidate for
     U.S. brands looking "to develop a stronger presence in
     Canada."  Clark: "Clearly, we want to represent players who
     have a chance to be on the next Olympic team, and I think
     all these guys have a good chance to do that" (THE DAILY).  
          LONG RANGE: TMA also represents Scottie Pippen and
     Clark told THE DAILY that the Bulls' forward has signed a
     new, four-year deal to serve as a spokesperson for IL-based
     Ameritech Corp. and Ameritech Cellular.  The deal is worth
     more than $4M in stock and cash.  TMA currently represents
     18 NBA players in marketing transactions, and Clark said the
     company is close to signing three more players, with hopes
     of finalizing those deals by the All-Star Game (THE DAILY).