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          In an "unprecedented move" by an NFL coach, Dennis
     Green "is threatening to sue Vikings owners who attempted to
     oust him a year ago unless they sell him their interest in
     the team," according to Jeff Seidel of the St. Paul PIONEER
     PRESS.  Green's plan to buy a 30% controlling interest in
     the team is outlined in his autobiography, "No Room for
     Crybabies," which was available in the Twin Cities for the
     first time Thursday.  Although Green stops short of "stating
     he will go through with the plan, the book includes a copy
     of the lawsuit he would file against the unidentified
     owners, a stock purchase agreement, a draft of a letter to
     the team's board of directors stating his intentions, a
     financing plan and the specific dates when he would put into
     motion each 'phase' of the takeover bid."  In his bid, Green
     would remain head coach and be named GM, while Roger
     Headrick would remain team President (PIONEER PRESS, 10/24).
          GREEN WITH ENVY: In St. Paul, Bob Sansevere writes that
     Green "knows how to end a book with a bang, not to mention a
     threat of blackmail."  Sansevere: "Once team owners read the
     book, Green might not be coming back.  The reaction of
     people threatened with blackmail always holds a certain
     amount of intrigue.  Green could be fired for his attack on
     team owners" (PIONEER PRESS, 10/24).  On CNN/SI, Ed Werder
     added that Green's book also "addresses incidents of alleged
     sexual misconduct, claims he's been unfairly criticized
     because of his race, and complains that certain members of
     the team's ownership group have deliberately undermined
     him."  Green, on the book's timing: "I'm not on a promotion
     tour, and I won't be. ... [I]n my opinion if you write a
     book, you take the time to write it, you should release it
     when it's done.  And so it's done" (CNN/SI, 10/23).