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Volume 24 No. 155
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          S.F.-based Global Exchange "plans demonstrations in 50
     U.S. cities on Saturday," to protest Nike's labor practices
     in Asia, according to USA TODAY's Melanie Wells.  The
     "watchdog group" hopes to "hit Nike where it will hurt: On
     college campuses."  Meanwhile, Nike is running ads today in
     college newspapers across the U.S. that urges students and
     administrators to visit its Web site where it gives details
     of its action against factory abuses overseas.  Wells adds
     that Nike is also planning to hand out fliers at some
     protests (USA TODAY, 10/17).  In DOONESBURY, Gary Trudeau
     continues his week-long focus on Nike and mentions
     Saturday's "Nike Awareness Day" (THE DAILY). 
          NIKE RESPONSE: Nike released preliminary findings from
     a study conducted by a faculty/MBA student team at
     Dartmouth's Tuck School on worker's spending patterns in
     Vietnam and Indonesia. The study indicates that Nike
     contract factory workers can meet basic needs and have some
     income for discretionary spending and savings (Nike).
          NIKE BOYCOTT: In Boston, GLOBE columnist Derrick
     Jackson writes on Nike under the header, "Running From
     Nike," that he and his wife "have boycotted Nike for years." 
     Jackson: "Nike is one of the world's greatest examples of
     legal consumer fraud.  Nike gets people to think a pair of
     shoes makes them worth a million dollars.  It gets them to
     forget that the shoe workers are often treated as if they
     have no worth at all" (BOSTON GLOBE, 10/17).