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Volume 24 No. 156
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          Apathy toward Oakland sports teams, particularly the
     Warriors, was examined by columnist Gwen Knapp of the S.F.
     EXAMINER.  Knapp: "[T]here are signs that the public love
     affair with professional sports is no longer absolutely
     unconditional. ... The Raiders and Warriors are on the verge
     of pricing themselves into invisibility.  The Raiders can't
     draw enough people, at $41 to $61 a head, to sell out and
     end up on TV.  The Warriors have had to discount their
     tickets radically in the last couple of weeks, and they may
     still not see a full house more than a half-dozen times this
     season."  More Knapp: "For [Warriors Owner Chris] Cohan, the
     situation is particularly dire. ... If the Warriors can't
     move tickets now, with a new arena as a lure, next season
     offers even worse prospects.  The team, for one thing, will
     have played futilely again, and the NBA will surely be
     engaged [in] a strike or a lockout" (S.F. EXAMINER, 10/12).