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Volume 24 No. 159
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          Anheuser Busch "has been refused permission to run
     virtual ads" for its Budweiser beer in World Cup stadiums,
     because of France's "strict alcohol advertising laws." A-B,
     which spent $20M to sponsor the World Cup, has been trying
     to negotiate a compromise with the French government
     (REUTERS, 10/12)....NJ-based Genesis Direct has acquired the
     official NASCAR catalog and other business units from H&L
     Productions Inc.  In addition to the NASCAR catalog title,
     Genesis also acquired the official catalog of the Nat'l Hot
     Rod Association, NASCAR Shop Talk transactional TV show and
     H&Ls commercial promotions business (MEDIA CENTRAL, 10/14).
     ...In the FINANCIAL TIMES, Victoria Griffiths wrote "this
     year" is "important" for Reebok "in terms of new lines,"
     with Reignman II already on shelves and The Answer to debut
     in November.  Salomon Brothers analyst Brett Barakett:
     "Based on the high quality of its new product line, the
     company may be at the very beginning of a turnaround"
     (FINANCIAL TIMES, 10/11)....Blimp advertising was examined
     by Bill Richards of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, who writes that
     there are expected to be "at least" six blimps at Super Bowl