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Volume 24 No. 112
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          Marv Albert's future is widely debated this morning,
     with many analysts commenting on whether he will ever be
     able to return to sportscasting.  Albert's spokesperson,
     Howard Rubenstein, said that Albert, who made "about" $2M a
     year, "had no job offers" after his relationship with MSG
     and NBC ended yesterday (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 9/26).  
          WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: Jeffrey Pollack, Publisher of THE
     SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY: "If there's the proper amount of
     contrition and some length of a sabbatical, there is the
     possibility of a return to sportscasting."  Advantage Int'l
     Senior VP Tom George: "Albert is who he is because of his
     platform with the Knicks.  We don't have to have this guy"
     (WASHINGTON POST, 9/26).  In N.Y., Mike Lupica: "He can get
     a second chance as a broadcaster. .. It would be a shame if
     Albert didn't" (DAILY NEWS, 9/26).  IF Enterprises President
     Steve Herz: "While I wouldn't expect him to get to the level
     where he was yesterday, this country loves to build up
     heroes, destroy them, and bring them back.  Look no further
     than Richard Nixon" (DAILY NEWS, 9/26).  The N.Y. Times' Ira
     Berkow: "There is an aspect of forgiveness, especially in
     the areas of entertainment, and Marv is an entertainer"
     ("LKL," 9/25).  In Chicago, Jim O'Donnell: "[T]he feeling
     persists that Albert will somehow, somewhere rise again to
     an intermediate broadcast level, most likely operating out
     of his New York base" (SUN-TIMES, 9/26).  Albert has
     endorsement deals with Nissan and Acclaim Videos.  Burns
     Sports Celebrity President Bob Williams: "He's dead in the
     eye of advertisers.  He's certainly dead in terms of
     endorsements" (PHILA. INQUIRER, 9/26).  Acclaim has not
     decided whether to release, as planned, an NFL Quarterback
     Club video that features Albert's voice (NEWSDAY, 9/26).  
          THE PEOPLE SPEAK: An ESPN SportsZone poll asked,
     "Should Marv Albert be allowed to broadcast sporting 
     events."  As of this morning, with 14,987 total votes cast,
     52% said he should; 48% said he shouldn't (ESPN).