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Volume 24 No. 160
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          The athletic shoe industry was examined by Charlie
     Pellett of "Bloomberg Business News."  Pellett reported that
     with "over" 43% of the U.S. sneaker market, "at this time it
     is unlikely that any one company will gain enough momentum
     to catch Nike."  Shelby Cullom Davis' Peter Russ: "They have
     a lead that seems sustainable.  They continue to redefine
     what the market is, and how their product should be viewed
     by the consumer.  And as long they continue to redefine it
     in ways that their competition haven't done, they can
     maintain their lead."  Pellett: "It's possible adidas is the
     only sneaker maker running with the ball ... Some analysts
     feel adidas is now poised to grow in the all-important
     American market."  As teenagers "seem less interested" in
     white sneakers, Pellett added that producers of brown shoes,
     such as Wolverine World Wide and Timberland "may score a
     touchdown in the last quarter of '97. ... If these and other
     adverse trends continue, it's unlikely even a slam dunk from
     Michael Jordan will save the industry" ("BBN," PBS, 9/22).