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Volume 24 No. 117
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          NUMBERS: TVKO reported 650,000 pay-per-view buys and
     over $26M in pay-per-view revenue from the September 13
     Oscar De La Hoya/Hector Camacho title fight, making it the
     third-highest-grossing non-heavyweight pay-per-view event of
     all time (TVKO)....TNN's cable rating for the CMT 300 NASCAR
     Winston Cup event on September 14 was a 3.9 rating, hitting
     2,776,000 households (NASCAR).
          WOMEN'S PROFILE: In N.Y., Robin Pogrebin examined the
     influx of new women's sports publications in Sunday's N.Y.
     TIMES.  Pogrebin: "Editors of the new magazines trumpet
     their publications as a refreshing change from business as
     usual -- even, on a grander level, political progress.  But
     far from advancing some brave new vision for women in the
     21st century, the industry experts say, the new sports
     magazines have simply identified a potentially lucrative
     market and are hoping to cash in" (N.Y. TIMES, 9/21).
          NAMES IN THE NEWS: Billy Cunningham said NBC called to
     see if he is interested in possibly replacing Julius Erving
     on the network's studio show (MIAMI HERALD, 9/20)....The
     Cavs named Brad Daugherty as their analyst for 20 games on
     WUAB-Cavs TV this season (Cavs)....Matt Guokas was named as
     the new analyst for SportsChannel's 42 Cavs games
     (SportsChannel)....Rob Parker of Newsday, and his new
     magazine, OSCAR, the only quarterly written by and about
     sports journalists, is noted in MEN'S JOURNAL (10/97 issue).