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Volume 24 No. 113
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          As recently as four months ago, Nike was giving
     "serious thought" to developing its own line of tennis
     racquets, according to Dick Squires of TENNIS WEEK.  But
     contrary to rumors that had it acquiring Wilson or Prince in
     entering the racquet business, Squires writes Nike's plan
     was to "research and develop their own unique frames." 
     However, those plans were "put on hold" after the success of
     Tiger Woods, and Nike's tennis interest was put to the side
     "for at least two years."  But Nike's recent hiring of
     former Prince and Head racquet marketeer Ian Arthur has
     "once again" fueled rumors that Nike may be getting into the
     tennis business (TENNIS WEEK, 9/18 issue).
          DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT: Nike has begun issuing
     wallet-sized Code of Conduct cards in the native languages
     of its contract factory workers and managers in Asia.  Over
     100,000 Nike workers will receive cards featuring health and
     safety tips in 11 languages.  Nike says the cards "represent
     one of the first key initiatives [it] has implemented in
     response to recommendations" by former UN Ambassador Andrew
     Young in his GoodWorks report from earlier this year (Nike).
          AIR REECE: Nike will begin distribution of Gabrielle
     Reece's new shoe, the Air Zoom GRII, beginning October 1. 
     Suggested retail price is $115 (Nike).