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Volume 24 No. 117

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

          The current women's initiatives "on the boards" by
     different leagues are examined by Terry Lefton of BRANDWEEK.
     The NFL will get its licensed apparel "back on the pro golf
     links" with the LPGA's Danielle Ammaccapani, who will wear
     licensed togs from NC-based Moretz during next week's
     FieldCrest Cannon Classic.  She will also make in-store
     appearances with a NFL Panthers player.  MLB "will test
     female-targeted" licensed products from Gear, Legends and
     Antigua this postseason, followed by a larger spring push
     and a Mother's Day promo with JCPenney, while the NHL "is
     piecing together" a holiday gift guide promo in one Canadian
     and seven U.S. markets (BRANDWEEK, 9/15).

          DEALS: Visa USA and USA Hockey officially announced a
     partnership for the '98 Olympics that offers Visa category
     exclusivity and establishes Visa as the "Preferred Card" of
     the U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey team through the 2002 Olympics
     in Salt Lake City (Visa). (SEE THE DAILY, 9/3/97, FOR MORE).
          NFL: NBC "has only one minute" of fourth-quarter ad
     time left for Super Bowl XXXII, according to USA TODAY's
     Dottie Enrico.  Enrico also notes that pre-game ad time
     "just before kick-off" is going for the "premium price" of
     $600,000 to $700,000 per 30-second spot (USA TODAY, 9/17).
          GENERAL: ProServ has relocated its offices from VA to
     DC.  It is now located at 1620 L St. NW (WASHINGTON BUSINESS
     JOURNAL, 9/15 issue)....Sports Illustrated has made its
     first foray into trading cards, choosing Fleer for its '97
     SI World Series Fever baseball cards (Fleer).

          After "more than two decades" at Mile High Stadium, the
     city of Denver has "snuffed out" a sign featuring the
     Marlboro Man, according to Alan Snel of the DENVER POST. 
     The city had received $265,000 a year for the Marlboro ad
     space, but it was removed because of Denver Mayor Wellington
     Webb's "opposition to tobacco."  Snel reports that the city
     is now selling space in the stadium to the Broncos, who have
     bought five panels for $57,500 annually, and are free to
     market the space for future ad revenue (DENVER POST, 9/17). 

          Miller Brewing Co. has signed a three-year deal to
     become the official sponsor and exclusive beer sponsor of
     the Colonial Downs Racetrack in New Kent, VA.  Miller will
     receive TV advertising within the facility and at VA OTB
     sites as well as receive in-stadium signage (THE DAILY). 

          As recently as four months ago, Nike was giving
     "serious thought" to developing its own line of tennis
     racquets, according to Dick Squires of TENNIS WEEK.  But
     contrary to rumors that had it acquiring Wilson or Prince in
     entering the racquet business, Squires writes Nike's plan
     was to "research and develop their own unique frames." 
     However, those plans were "put on hold" after the success of
     Tiger Woods, and Nike's tennis interest was put to the side
     "for at least two years."  But Nike's recent hiring of
     former Prince and Head racquet marketeer Ian Arthur has
     "once again" fueled rumors that Nike may be getting into the
     tennis business (TENNIS WEEK, 9/18 issue).
          DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT: Nike has begun issuing
     wallet-sized Code of Conduct cards in the native languages
     of its contract factory workers and managers in Asia.  Over
     100,000 Nike workers will receive cards featuring health and
     safety tips in 11 languages.  Nike says the cards "represent
     one of the first key initiatives [it] has implemented in
     response to recommendations" by former UN Ambassador Andrew
     Young in his GoodWorks report from earlier this year (Nike).
          AIR REECE: Nike will begin distribution of Gabrielle
     Reece's new shoe, the Air Zoom GRII, beginning October 1. 
     Suggested retail price is $115 (Nike).

          After a 13-year partnership, Oldsmobile announced "it
     will pull away" from its title sponsorship of Disney's
     annual PGA Tour event in Orlando beginning in '98, according
     to Jeff Babineau of the ORLANDO SENTINEL.  Oldsmobile's
     departure from the Walt Disney World/Oldsmobile Classic ends
     one of the PGA Tour's "longest running marriages" between a
     tournament and sponsor.  Only four PGA events feature
     mergers that have lasted longer.  Babineau reports that
     Oldsmobile "is looking to focus more of its corporate
     efforts on amateurs and gross-roots golf than on the
     professional game."   Oldsmobile also announced it will move
     the finals of its "popular" Oldsmobile Scramble to Las Vegas
     beginning in '98 (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 9/17).

          ISI announced that Seahawks QB Warren Moon has signed
     several new marketing deals with Seattle-area businesses. 
     Moon has inked a deal with Seattle's Olympic Lincoln Mercury
     dealership and will serve as the official spokesperson for
     Olympic Lincoln Mercury, appearing in its TV, radio, and
     print ads.  Moon has also partnered with WKJR radio and will
     be featured in on-air appearances.  The deal with WKJR,
     which is sponsored by Air Touch Cellular, calls for two
     weekly morning drive-time discussions, and a daily weekday
     report called "60 Seconds with Warren Moon" (ISI).
          HEALTHY CHOICE: Hakeem Olajuwon has signed a deal to
     become an official spokesperson for AmeriHealth as the
     company launches its new Houston operation (ISI).