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Volume 24 No. 114
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          Michael Jordan is interviewed by Allison Samuels in the
     current NEWSWEEK to discuss the launch of his new Nike brand
     last week, among other topics.  Jordan, on his relationship
     with Nike: "It's not rare for my Nike (design team) to come
     out to my house and just kick it with me for a while. ...
     [J]ust to get a better definition of who I am, so they can
     transfer that to the product."  While Jordan said the high
     cost of Air Jordan shoes "bothered me," he added that
     consumers can now chose from "a variety of Jordan shoes at
     different prices" with the new Jordan line.  Starting this
     year, Jordan will also donate a percentage of Air Jordan
     revenues to youth charities.  Regarding the rising salary
     demands by young NBA players, Jordan said, "I am always pro-
     player when it comes to money."  On Kevin Garnett asking for
     $22M a year, Jordan said: "I think they're paying him for
     his potential.  If he lives up to it, great.  If he doesn't,
     well, I still support him, because they wouldn't give it to
     him if they couldn't (afford) it" (NEWSWEEK, 9/22 issue).
     MJ's Nike brand is No. 13 on ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's "Hot
     Sheet" for the week: "Nike is producing his line of
     clothing.  But would you buy a tie with a pump?" (EW, 9/19).