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          The future of Miami's expansion MLS team was "left in
     doubt" Thursday because of an "acrimonious lease
     disagreement that boiled over ... in the men's restroom at
     Miami City Hall," according to Jackson & Branch in the MIAMI
     HERALD.  Fusion Owner Ken Horowitz: "I am out of here.  I
     have personally ruled the Orange Bowl out as a site.  It's
     the mayor [Joe Carollo] who's to blame."  City Commissioner
     Tomas Regalado: "Ken Horowitz told me in the restroom that
     he's leaving.  He's made that decision."  Jackson & Branch
     write that city officials had sought a 10-year lease with
     the Fusion as "that's the minimum requirement for seeking a
     state sales-tax rebate -- worth as much as $1 million a year
     -- for stadium improvements."  Horowitz "prefers" either a
     three- or five-year lease, with an out clause after three
     years if average attendance finishes below 16,000.  City
     officials say that this figure is too high, because the
     league's average attendance is "only in the 14,000 range." 
     MLS Commissioner Doug Logan "remained hopeful" a lease could
     be worked out, despite Horowitz's "claim to the contrary." 
     Horowitz said that "he's uncertain" whether the Fusion will
     play in South Florida, but Logan said that Horowitz can't
     move the team without MLS permission (MIAMI HERALD, 7/25).