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Volume 24 No. 117
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          Former CT-based sports agent John Lounsbury said that
     over two years, he "lavished $40,000 worth of cash and
     gifts" on former UMass and current Raptors F Marcus Camby,
     according to Armstrong & Golden of the BOSTON GLOBE. 
     Lounsbury also said that he paid Camby's teammate Michael
     Williams and former UConn and current Bucks G Ray Allen.  He
     is "expected to testify" for CT-based attorney Wesley
     Spears, a "would-be-agent" who also paid Camby.  Spears is
     now accused of trying to blackmail Camby.  Lounsbury, on
     paying the players: "I was wrong, no question.  But a lot of
     other people who should be held accountable are now making
     millions of dollars."  Armstrong & Golden: "Lounsbury
     detailed far more payments to Camby than [Camby] ... ever
     admitted.  Camby has only admitted taking $2,000 in cash
     from Lounsbury in the summer of '95, after his sophomore
     season.  Armstrong & Golden, on Camby's relationship with
     Lounsbury during his time at UMass: "Camby used Lounsbury
     for a premature taste of the glittering lifestyle that
     awaited him when he would turn pro" (BOSTON GLOBE, 7/25).
          MORE TROUBLES FOR UCONN?  Armstrong & Golden write that
     "according to sources, Lounsbury's payment and other alleged
     gifts from agents to [Ray] Allen ... are now being
     investigated" by UConn.  Allen's manager, Mark Christie,
     confirmed that attorney Rick Evrard was hired by UConn and
     "is seeking to question Allen."  Evrard handled the appeals
     of UConn's Ricky Moore and Kirk King for accepting airline
     tickets in '95 (BOSTON GLOBE, 7/25).