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Volume 24 No. 156
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          Three NCAA Big 12 football teams, the Universities of
     CO, NE and TX, which reported financial deficits after bowl
     trips last season "proved just how expensive postseason
     football can be," according to Bill Campbell in the DALLAS
     MORNING NEWS.  Campbell writes that two "primary culprits --
     lack of ticket sales and the current conference revenue-
     distribution plan" helped create the deficits.  The Univ. of
     CO spent $1.12M to play in the Plymouth Holiday Bowl and
     reported a $163,413 loss; the Univ. of TX spent $1.81M for
     the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and lost $314,405 and NE spent more
     than $2.6M for the FedEx Orange Bowl and reported a loss of
     $890,000.  But Campbell writes that when it came to
     spending, " cost-cutting was far from a priority for any of
     these teams."  For example, CO "wanted to reward its players
     with gifts" and spent $21,594 for Sony Playstations, $13,395
     for a pre-game party and $20,134 for leather bomber jackets. 
     The Univ. of TX paid $251,402 in bonuses to employees,
     including in other sports, "to reward its entire athletic
     department," and NE took its full team, 170 players,
     including walk-ons, to its bowl, and spent $331,361 for
     charter flights for 320 team, staff and family members, and
     $375,203 on hotel expenditures (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 7/25).