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Volume 24 No. 159
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          Pinnacle is packing its trading cards inside vacuum-
     packed cans in an effort to reduce retail theft and spur
     sales, according to Terry Lefton of BRANDWEEK.  A player's
     photo is printed directly on the can which sells for $2.99. 
     The initial shipments will hit stores in June and 5,000
     stores that "had stopped selling cards of any brand have
     planned orders for the can."  Lefton notes that Pinnacle is
     "using the opportunity to create a whole new brand: Inside
     Baseball."  Since each of the 24 different cans features a
     different MLB player, Pinnacle "is counting on the cans
     themselves to be collectible."  Pinnacle CEO Jerry Meyer:
     "We're hoping that by having an answer to the theft problem,
     which is real, but may be more perception than reality, this
     will get us back into some different retail accounts and
     promote impulse purchases by casual fans" (BRANDWEEK, 4/28).
          THE DEAL: Pinnacle's All-Star FanFest during MLB's All-
     Star game in Cleveland is profiled by Ed Meyer in the AKRON
     BEACON JOURNAL.  Meyer: "More than 150 of the nation's top
     baseball card vendors and exhibitors will be on hand, and
     anyone who attends will be able to buy, trade or sell cards
     and other collector's gems" (AKRON BEACON JOURNAL, 4/29).