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Volume 24 No. 113
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          The Packers' REGGIE WHITE will wrestle former Bear and
     current WCW professional wrestler STEVE MCMICHAEL at WCW's
     May 18 Slamboree PPV event.  White appeared on TNT's "WCW
     Monday Nitro" event in Philadelphia last night and attacked
     McMichael after McMichael told the Philadelphia crowd White
     "sold you out" when he moved to the Packers (TNT, 4/14).
     ...BARRY BONDS said that he has written a movie script about
     a black hockey player.  Bonds: "I call it 'Blades of Steel'
     and it's about a black hockey player, a goalie, who made it
     to the NHL."  During his appearance on "Up Close," Bonds
     said GREG NORMAN "choked" at last year's Masters, which drew
     a call in to the show during a break from Norman.  Bonds
     replied, "I'm sorry, Greg Norman, 'cause you're not a
     choker.  I'm the choker.  I choked in the playoffs three
     years in a row" (ESPN, 4/14).