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Volume 24 No. 137
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          PAUL ALLEN launched his World Wide Web site, called
     "The Wired World of Paul Allen," at http:/
     (Tacoma NEWS TRIBUNE, 4/12).  Allen is featured in the
     current issue of BUSINESS WEEK by Elizabeth Lesly under the
     header "Paul Allen, Everywhere Man."  Lesly writes Allen
     "finds himself in situations that could lead to thorny
     questions about where his allegiances lie.  Can Allen
     fulfill his fiduciary duties to Microsoft Corp. -- where
     he's a director and the second-largest shareholder -- while
     not slighting his other companies?" (BUSINESS WEEK, 4/21
     issue)....Padres Owner and Democratic Party contributor JOHN
     MOORES is scheduled to testify before a federal grand jury
     in AR regarding $18,000 he paid WEBSTER HUBBELL after
     Hubbell left the Justice Dept. in '94.  Moores said he paid
     the money as a retainer to help obtain permission from the
     federal government to build an airplane hangar in Monterrey. 
     Moores, on Hubbell: "I never met him.  I talked to him on
     the phone once or twice" (SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, 4/12).
     ...DENNIS RODMAN was a guest on the "Tonight Show" with Jay
     Leno.  Rodman, when asked if he wanted to make another
     movie: "I want to do a love scene.  I want to do a 'Ten and
     a Half Weeks'" ("Tonight Show," NBC, 4/11).