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Volume 24 No. 156
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          In the current MEDIAWEEK, Senior Editors Burghi & Katz
     handicap 25 "emerging networks to see which ones stand the
     best chance to break out of the pack and become
     moneymakers."  Burgi & Katz:  "Some eternal verities:  those
     networks with corporate pull will make it to market more
     easily.  But a good idea, such as Classic Sports Network,
     can still make it past the media giants that control the
     service at the top of the list."  The following lists the
     rankings for sports related channels: 
          CLASSIC SPORTS NET (Tied for No. 4): "Its independent
     status could hurt the network's distribution in a world
     dominated by mediaconglomerates."  ESPNEWS (Tied for No. 4): 
     "Of the two all-sports news services, this one is more
     likely to thrive.  The question is, does anyone want an all-
     sports news service?  Good ownership and decent promotional
     muscle."  CNN/fn (No. 8): "The niche is already well served
     by CNBC."  CNN/SI (No. 10): "Widely considered to be less
     compelling to agencies and operators than its competitor.
     Deep pockets and Sports Illustrated's loyal readership could
     help."  SPEEDVISION (Tied for No. 11):  "Definitely has sex
     appeal (fast cars, boats and planes).  It's a very narrow
     niche and one that's found in bits and pieces on other
     nets."  GOLF CHANNEL (Tied for No. 18):  "Subscribers have
     been hard to come by. The net corrected a flawed
     distribution strategy which marketed it as a mini-pay.  Now
     as a basic channel with $50 million in Fox money, the future
     looks a bit brighter" (MEDIAWEEK, 3/17). 
          CLASS OF '95: BROADCASTING & CABLE's Joe Schlosser
     reviews "Cable's Class Of 1995: A Look At How The Major
     Cable Launches Of That Year Have Fared," which includes The
     Golf Channel, CSN and Speedvision.  Projections for year-end
     '97 subscribers: CSN with 15-20 million; TCG with 14.5
     million; Speedvision with 14 million (B&C, 3/17 issue).