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Volume 24 No. 116
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          Sneaker-retailing in superstores is examined by Joseph
     Pereira of the WALL STREET JOURNAL under the header, "New
     Sneaker Superstores Aim To Step On Their Competition." 
     Pereira notes, the $15B "sneaker-retailing business is
     coming late to single-category superstores, which have
     already swept through the toy, home-improvement and office-
     supply industries."  Edison, NJ-based Sneaker Stadium Inc.
     and Pelham, AL-based Just For Feet Inc., its major
     competitor, are on an "expansion binge, and discounting
     isn't part of their formulas."  The companies are counting
     on a "high-level of service and attractions," including
     tryout tracks, shoe-testing games and pinball machines to
     transform the stores into "shopping destinations."  Sneaker
     Stadium has 23 outlets, and it plans to spend $80M over the
     next two years to add 53 more, primarily on the East Coast. 
     Just For Feet "expects" to expand its chain from 45 to 64
     stores by January '98 (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 3/19).  
          TV TIME: Dallas-based Footaction USA will start selling
     ad time for its TV monitors currently in 430 of the chain's
     480 stores nationwide.  NY-based Griffin Bacal Promotions
     will help sell the :30-second spots, which will be blocked
     together in three two-minute segments, and inserted between
     three 20-minute segments of music videos (Footaction USA).