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Volume 24 No. 156

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

          MasterCard and PepsiCo will each sponsor a million-
     dollar shot promo, according to Terry Lefton of BRANDWEEK. 
     MasterCard's million-dollar shot will take place during Game
     Four of the Stanley Cup Finals June 10, on Fox.  The promo
     includes a Fox TV buy and "replaces" MasterCard's
     sponsorship of a Stanley Cup luncheon as its "major" Stanley
     Cup promo.  PepsiCo's million-dollar shot will take place at
     halftime of a September MLS game, but its promo will take
     place in all ten MLS markets (BRANDWEEK, 3/17).   
          TAP THE HEISMAN: Coors will run a promo tied to the
     Heisman Trophy, which it will leverage with a Labor Day
     sweepstakes, "and possible football-themed packaging on its
     core brand."  There may also be football-shaped bottles, "a
     la Coors bat-shaped bottles" due out later this year,
     "although one Coors wholesaler said that concept had been
     floated and then discarded" (BRANDWEEK 3/17 issue).
          NOTES: Burger King and the NHLPA will team for a
     collector's puck promo over the next month at restaurants in
     Denver, Pittsburgh and Detroit.  Fotoball USA, San Diego,
     handles....Conde Nast reached a deal with the WNBA for 8-12
     page advetorials in the July issues of Glamour and Self
     magazines....Advantage Int'l will handle marketing for
     Roller Hockey Int'l.  Advantage's Harlan Stone called a
     national TV deal a "top" priority....The Beanstalk Group,
     NY, will handle retail and licensing rights for USTA and
     U.S. Open merchandise (BRANDWEEK, 3/17).

          Del Mar, CA-based Source Int'l will market a new line
     of beverages with the name and logo of the Rawlings Sporting
     Goods Co., marking Rawlings' first entry into the $1B sports
     beverage market, according to AD AGE.  The line features
     "Rawlings Sports," a sports drink in five flavors to launch
     in May, and "Rawlings for Kids," a sports drink for children
     and teenagers, launching in two-weeks (AD AGE, 3/18).

          Three endorsement contracts for U.S. soccer players
     have been negotiated and completed by MD-based attorney
     Ellen Zavian.  Carla Overbeck has left adidas and is now
     with Fila.  Kristine Lilly has re-signed with adidas and
     Julie Foundy has re-signed with Reebok.  Each deal runs
     through the 2000 Olympics (THE DAILY)....The account of Vail
     Resorts Inc. has gone to Boston-based Kelley/Dexter
     Advertising, to handle its Breckenridge and Keystone ski
     resorts, with combined billings estimated at $7-10M (N.Y.
     TIMES, 3/19)....Rollerblade Inc. will donate in-line skates
     for use in New York City parks and a comparable amount of
     safety equipment for three years.  The program represents an
     investment of more than $1M by the company (N.Y. TIMES,
     3/19)....NEWDAY's Ivan Maisel notes the strict rules of
     corporate affiliation with the NCAA Tournament.  He notes
     that last week, when media members took drinks in Pepsi cups
     to their seats on press row, NCAA officials "appeared
     quickly with a tap on the shoulder" and an NCAA cup
     (NEWSDAY, 3/19)....ESPN's Bob Ley reported last night on
     "SportsCenter" that, "The sale of baseball logoed
     merchandise is up this year, and only baseball and the NFL,
     alone among the major sports, can make that claim currently"
     ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 3/18). 

          Miller Brewing Co. is "teaming" with the NBA to release
     its 50 Fantasy Matchups Handbook.  Miller's handbook pits
     the 50 greatest stars of today against the legends of
     yesteryear.  The handbook will be available in multi-packs
     of Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft and Miller Beer.  Bill
     Walton, Walt Frazier and Pat Riley are spokespeople for the
     promotion (Miller).  BRANDWEEK's Terry Lefton calls the
     promo "the final element of the league's 50th anniversary
     celebration."  It will include a sweeps offering an eight-
     day "fantasy road trip" to five NBA cities for five '97-98
     games as the grand prize (BRANDWEEK, 3/17).

          PepsiCo and Pizza Hut purchased ad time on NBC's
     broadcast of Super Bowl XXXII, joining Anheuser-Busch on the
     ad roster, according to INSIDE MEDIA.   NBC declined to
     comment on the amount of ad inventory they have sold for
     Super Bowl XXXII.  Pizza Hut, returning to the game for its
     third consecutive year, plans to air two :30-second spots on
     the broadcast, in addition to a national pregame spot.  A
     spokesperson for PepsiCo declined to comment on the
     companies participation.  "Industry observers" expect NBC to
     charge about $1.3M per :30-second spot (INSIDE MEDIA, 3/14).

          PepsiCo and MLB announced a five-year marketing deal
     that will make Pepsi the official soft drink MLB and gives
     the company exclusive rights to use MLB trademarks,
     including post-season and All-Star Game logos.  The deal
     also gives Pepsi the use of MLB team marks in advertising,
     packaging, merchandising and promotions (PepsiCo).
          COLA WAR: In N.Y., Stefan Fatsis writes that PepsiCo
     also plans to run ads on Fox Sports national TV broadcasts
     beginning this year, and create new baseball-themed ads for
     '98.  MLB will collect "only about" $1M per year in rights
     fees from PepsiCo to be split among the teams.  Fatsis notes
     that with the deal, MLB "is playing both sides of the cola
     wars, and thus risking alienating Coke, one of its oldest
     and biggest sponsors."  Coca-Cola's local sponsorships of 24
     of 28 MLB teams include stadium pouring rights.  PepsiCo
     sponsors four teams and the two expansion teams which begin
     play in '98.  PepsiCo "will face the awkward problem" of
     being banned from distributing its All-Star ballots in
     ballparks, and instead will run the promo in conjunction
     with 7-Eleven stores.  MLB execs say they are planning to
     sign another sponsor for in-stadium ballots (WALL STREET
     JOURNAL, 3/19).  ESPN's Bob Ley added that Pepsi's deal
     includes a contest winner throwing out the first pitch
     before Game of the World Series ("SportsCenter," 3/18).
          COKE SAYS NO THANKS? The JOURNAL's Fatsis adds that
     Coca-Cola "rejected" the chance to "lock up" MLB's national
     sponsorship as recently as last weekend.  Sources "familiar
     with the transaction" said the reason was that Coca-Cola
     "maintains its consumer research shows baseball fans only
     care about the game on a local level and don't respond well
     to the All-Star Game promotion" (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 3/19).

          Sneaker-retailing in superstores is examined by Joseph
     Pereira of the WALL STREET JOURNAL under the header, "New
     Sneaker Superstores Aim To Step On Their Competition." 
     Pereira notes, the $15B "sneaker-retailing business is
     coming late to single-category superstores, which have
     already swept through the toy, home-improvement and office-
     supply industries."  Edison, NJ-based Sneaker Stadium Inc.
     and Pelham, AL-based Just For Feet Inc., its major
     competitor, are on an "expansion binge, and discounting
     isn't part of their formulas."  The companies are counting
     on a "high-level of service and attractions," including
     tryout tracks, shoe-testing games and pinball machines to
     transform the stores into "shopping destinations."  Sneaker
     Stadium has 23 outlets, and it plans to spend $80M over the
     next two years to add 53 more, primarily on the East Coast. 
     Just For Feet "expects" to expand its chain from 45 to 64
     stores by January '98 (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 3/19).  
          TV TIME: Dallas-based Footaction USA will start selling
     ad time for its TV monitors currently in 430 of the chain's
     480 stores nationwide.  NY-based Griffin Bacal Promotions
     will help sell the :30-second spots, which will be blocked
     together in three two-minute segments, and inserted between
     three 20-minute segments of music videos (Footaction USA).

          Mavs C Shawn Bradley claims he was the first choice to
     star in the Snickers ad featuring a fictional televised
     shopping network advertising the player's signature cologne,
     a spinoff of Michael Jordan cologne, according to J.A.
     Adande of the WASHINGTON POST.  The ad currently stars the
     Bullets' Gheorghe Muresan. Adande: "If the idea of Gheorghe
     Muresan cologne sounds unappealing, imagine taking  a whiff
     of Shawn Bradley cologne."  Bradley: "They called me and
     asked me to do it first.  I turned the TV on and saw
     Gheorghe doing it.  I was like, 'Good for you, Gheorghe.'" 
     Bradley: "I wasn't sure.  We just didn't say yes right away,
     and the next thing you know, he had it.  When you snooze,
     you lose" (WASHINGTON POST, 3/19).