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Volume 24 No. 156
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          In Toronto, Gary Picknell notes the NFL is "still
     interested in helping the CFL," and "the possibility remains
     of a marketing and financial link" between the leagues. 
     Picknell notes among ideas "tossed around" have allowing
     U.S. corporate advertising in CFL stadiums, and selling NFL
     merchandise at CFL games (TORONTO SUN, 2/13)....U.S. figure
     skating is profiled in this morning's WALL STREET JOURNAL by
     Alexandra Peers, who notes the sport "is sure to be the
     centerpiece of CBS's Olympic coverage and figure skating is
     the darling of nearly two-dozen corporate sponsors pumping
     millions of dollars into both professional and pre-Olympic
     events" (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 2/14)....All-American Football
     League co-Founder John Ritchie said he hopes for a first
     year 5.5-6.0 TV rating for the league, which begins play in
     March '98.  There will be two national and four regional TV
     games each weekend, with a Monday night game a "possibility"
     (BOSTON GLOBE, 1/13)....ESPN's David Aldridge, on the IRS
     investigation of NBA referees: "Expect at least two more
     referees to be indicted as part of the ongoing IRS
     investigation. ... Most of the other referees agreed to pay
     back taxes and penalties on the unreported income they
     received" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 2/13).