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Volume 24 No. 156

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

          First USA is now offering the PGA and Senior PGA Tour
     non-annual-fee MasterCard credit cards, which are available
     this week at the Senior PGA Tour's Royal Caribbean Classic
     in Key Biscayne, FL.  Proceeds from card use will benefit
     tournament charities (First USA). 
          BOSS-MAN: Hugo Boss will make its debut into the golf
     apparel market with the first collection of "Hugo Boss Golf"
     apparel hitting stores in Spring/Summer '98.  As part of the
     launch, the company has signed Phil Mickelson to a long-term
     endorsement deal, joining Seve Ballesteros and Bernhard
     Langer (Hugo Boss).

          Ford Motor Co. and its local dealerships will be the
     title sponsors of the Motor City Bowl on December 26, at the
     Silverdome.  Although financial figures were not disclosed,
     George Perles, the game's Exec Dir, said, "Ford is playing a
     large role financially.  Very large" (DETROIT FREE PRESS,
     1/31)....A survey conducted 24-hours after Super Bowl XXXI
     reveals that PepsiCo was the "most-recalled" advertiser. 
     Ferndale, MI-based Saa/Research conducted a nationwide phone
     poll of 306 consumers: 52% recalled PepsiCo ads; 36%,
     Budweiser; 18%, Nissan; 10%, Oscar Mayer; and 8%, Coca-Cola
     (N.Y. TIMES, 1/31)....With its IPO in February, Vail Resorts
     Inc.'s estimates it will make $90M and will use the money to
     pay off debt and finance growth (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS,
     1/30)....CORRECTION: Ping has ended its sponsorship of the
     LPGA event in Canton, MA, not OH, as noted yesterday.  

          Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Johnson has agreed to a
     six-year contract extension with Nike "conservatively"
     valued at $12M.  Brad Hunt, President of CO-based Golf Medal
     Management, Johnson's management company, said terms of the
     deal include a Johnson line of Nike training shoes and
     performance incentives that are "potentially worth
     additional millions."  Johnson: "I have been with Nike all
     my career, and I am delighted that they have made such a
     significant commitment to both me and to track & field,
     giving me every reason to stay with them for the remainder
     of my competitive career" (Gold Medal Management).

          CT-based Marment Group has been appointed as the
     exclusive TV, research and marketing agency for the All-
     American Football League (AAFL), the new pro spring/summer
     football league that will debut in 12 of the top 25 TV
     markets in March '98.  Also, Boston-based Game Plan, Inc. is
     assisting the AAFL in its start-up phase and on-going
     strategic planning, expansion and media development (AAFL).

          Upwards of 35,000 fans attended the Pinnacle/NHL
     FANtasy during All-Star Weekend in San Jose compared to
     30,000 in Boston for the '95-96 event, according to NHL
     Manager/Corporate Communications Tracey Cohen.  Pinnacle's
     title sponsorship for the NHL FANtasy runs through next
     season's All-Star game in Vancouver and then is up for
     renewal.  Pinnacle Brands Manager/Marketing Promotions Kevin
     Picone: "San Jose was a great city.  They did the best they
     could do. ... Overall, it was a success" (THE DAILY).

          Reebok Int'l stock "surged" another 3 1/2 to 49
     yesterday, placing its two-day profit at 6/share, according
     to Bailey & Syre of the BOSTON GLOBE.  Although fourth-
     quarter earnings were down 43% on lower shoe sales, Reebok
     noted that footwear orders were up 6% for the first half of
     '97.  Reebok's net income dropped to $20.1M, or $.35/share,
     from profits from operations of $35M, or $.46/share, a year
     earlier. But Bailey & Syre note that what Wall Street 
     "wanted was a turnaround in future orders, and it was not
     disappointed."  After pushing new products, launching a new
     advertising campaign and mending "fences" with retailers,
     Reebok's stock has been moving up since a low of 25 3/8 last
     January.  And in the last two days, investors began betting
     on the backlog numbers expected in yesterday's earnings
     report and "several big blocks of stock changed hands in the
     last two days, mostly through Salomon Bros."  Looking ahead,
     Roland Whitridge, who manages the Babson Value Fund, which
     holds a half-millions shares of Reebok, said there "is a
     good chance they [Reebok] are going to win back a lot of
     that market share they lost to Nike" (BOSTON GLOBE, 1/31).
          CHANGE THE PRICE: Fila Holding SpA cut prices of the
     "Stack Mid," its new shoe that was seen as the "centerpiece"
     of its '97 line, by 15% as sales of its other shoes
     decreased.  "Stack Mid" was cut from $99 to $85 after demand
     for Fila's Grant Hill shoe slowed (Baltimore SUN, 1/31).