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Volume 24 No. 117


          Flyers GM Bobby Clarke was named the GM of Canada's '98
     Olympic hockey team, according to Steve Simmons in the
     TORONTO SUN.  According to a contract signed by the NHL,
     NHLPA, and Int'l Ice Hockey Federation, Olympic hockey
     rosters are to be set by August 1.  But Clarke finds the
     date "unacceptable," and is trying to have it pushed back to
     December 1.  The NHLPA, however, "is prepared to go to war"
     with Clarke and "at least five other countries" over the
     agreement.  The NHLPA says the August 1 date is required
     because of commitments to marketing, product licensing, TV,
     and to protect its players.  The NHLPA is also "concerned"
     players chosen in December won't be able to make appropriate
     arrangements for family members to travel to Japan and
     attend the Games (TORONTO SUN, 1/31).