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Volume 24 No. 156
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          Paul Allen's lobbying team seeking $300M for a new
     Seahawks stadium was greeted at the WA Legislature yesterday
     with a "barrage of queries and doubts," according to Rachel
     Zimmerman in today's SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER.  The five-
     member group -- Football Northwest Vice Chair Bert Kolde,
     head lobbyist Bud Coffey, and Allen pointman Bob Whitsitt --
     appeared before the Trade and Economic Development
     Committee, and the session's "adversarial tone was
     immediately evident."   Rep. Dawn Mason asked why no women
     or "people of color" were on Allen's lobbying team.  Rep. 
     Velma Veloria, whose district encompasses the Kingdome,
     asked how many people on welfare would get jobs out of the
     project and  Rep. Jim Dunn asked why Allen didn't appear
     before the committee himself.  Committee chair Steve Van
     Luven: "Why is Paul Allen, the third-richest man in America,
     asking the public to help build this facility?"  Coffey
     countered: "Do you want professional football?  Do you want
     local ownership?  If you do, you cannot find a better owner
     than Paul Allen" (SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, 1/31).