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Volume 24 No. 117
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          "Nobody in Olympia [WA] is enthusiastic about the
     prospects" of Paul Allen's chances for success with the
     Seahawks new stadium, according to Ed Penhale in the SEATTLE
     POST-INTELLIGENCER.  Allen, who has an exclusive option to
     buy the Seahawks, wants something "like what the Mariners
     got -- a package of specialty taxes aimed at fans and
     tourists to finance bonds," covering the bulk of the cost of
     the stadium project.  But Allen "is making it easier" for
     lawmakers to consider his proposal by calling for a public
     vote on a funding package for football, as well as putting
     up $100M of his own money for the project.  But legislative
     leaders said there is "no chance" they will look at Seahawk
     stadium funding if the Mariner ballpark plan remains
     unresolved (SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, 1/13).  Elliott
     Almond of the SEATTLE TIMES wrote on the Seahawks stadium
     under the header "Legislators Are Ready to Punt on 'Hawks
     Stadium."  Almond: "In a climate vastly different than the
     fall of 1995, when lawmakers approved special taxes to fund
     a ballpark after the Mariners won the American League West
     in dramatic fashion, the temperature is as cold as the
     winter weather" (SEATTLE TIMES, 1/10).