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Volume 24 No. 159
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          L.A. mayoral candidate and State Sen. Tom Hayden blamed
     Mayor Richard Riordan for the decision by Peter O'Malley to
     put the Dodgers up for sale, according to Jodi Wilgoren of
     the L.A. TIMES.  Hayden: "The Mayor's key error was asking
     Peter O'Malley to lead the charge for an NFL team and then
     ... changing positions and dropping O'Malley from the
     starting lineup."  In '95, Riordan "encouraged" O'Malley to
     look into building an NFL stadium on Dodger property in
     Chavez Ravine.  After the idea was met with "massive
     criticism" at City Hall and in the neighborhood, Riordan
     joined other city leaders in endorsing the L.A. Memorial
     Coliseum as the No. 1 choice for bringing in a team. 
     O'Malley later signed on to the Coliseum effort, but,
     Wilgoren notes, "some believe that his frustration over the
     city's about-face ... contributed to his decision to sell
     the team" (L.A. TIMES, 1/10).  In Washington, columnist Tom
     Boswell wonders what the proposed sale by O'Malley "tells us
     about baseball."  Boswell: "O'Malley has given baseball's
     owners a sword.  Every time the union gets on its soapbox,
     the owners can say, 'Your salaries are so high that even
     O'Malley sold'" (WASHINGTON POST, 1/10).