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Volume 24 No. 117

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     7-Eleven once again teams with Fox and the NHL to create an
"extensive in-store marketing/merchandising program" which will
include a consumer sweepstakes, according to Brockinton &
Reynolds of INSIDE MEDIA.  This is 7-Eleven's "latest in a series
of similar partnerships" with Fox and other pro leagues,
including the NFL and MLB.  7-Eleven Advertising & Promotions
Development Manager Charlie Thomas said the chain will "likely"
buy ad time on Fox's regular season NHL coverage, and may
possibly be the presenting sponsor of Fox's All-Star coverage.
The "lure" of the hockey is that 7-Eleven's major customers are
18-34-year-old males, "the NHL's primary demographic."  In
January and February, 7-Eleven will offer NHL-themed coffee mugs
along with Fleer hockey cards.  Certain mugs contain instant-win
game pieces with grand prize an NHL-sponsor Dodge Dakota sports
truck.  Other prizes include tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals,
and free use of a PrimeStar satellite system for a year.  7-
Eleven will also team  with Anheuser-Busch to install NHL-themed
Bud and Bud Ice displays, and there will be an NHL-related promo
tied to the use of 7-Eleven's ATM machines (INSIDE MEDIA, 10/16

     The AHL and Anheuser-Busch extended their current marketing
arrangement for one year.  Under the deal, Bud Ice is named the
"Official Beer of the AHL."  The partnership will be based on a
variety of marketing activities, including ads, retail promos and
merchandising elements.  The Bud Ice/AHL marketing plan in the
U.S. will feature AHL-specific TV ads, team-specific TV ads and
individual team sponsorship in a majority of AHL cities.  In
addition, supermarkets, convenience stores, bars and restaurants
will display Bud Ice AHL schedules, posters and branded
merchandise.  A-B will also be an official sponsor of the '97 AHL
All-Star Classic in St. John, New Brunswick.  Under the Bud/Bud
Light brands, A-B will have a media presence and through in-ice
and dasherboard signage (AHL).

     In an NHL study of U.S. children, ages 7-14, conducted by
Greenwich, CT-based The Taylor Research and Consulting Group, 49%
of all boys in U.S. NHL team markets named hockey one of the two
"coolest" sports, followed by basketball (41%); football (40%);
baseball (28%); and soccer (26%).  With respect to the sport they
would prefer to play, boys in the same markets cited hockey (44%)
as their number one choice, followed by basketball (37%);
football (32%); baseball (32%), and soccer (30%).  According to
The Taylor Group, there is a "high correlation" among youth
between participants of off-ice hockey and in-line skating and
fan interest in the NHL, with 61% of roller hockey, 59% of street
hockey and 49% of in-line skaters calling themselves NHL fans.
Among boys who in-line skate, The Taylor Group reports that 63%
consider themselves NHL fans (NHL).

     The Pistons and Kenner Products, an NBA licensee, have
created and introduced a limited edition figure of Grant Hill.
The six-inch Starting Lineup figure has Hill in his new Pistons
home uniform.  One of a series of Starting Lineup figures, the
Hill model is available at the Pistons "Lockeroom" stores in the
Palace of Auburn Hills, and via mail or phone order.  It will
also be available at two new "Lockeroom" stores in suburban
Detroit.  There is also a regular non-exclusive Kenner Starting
Lineup figure of Hill wearing the Pistons' new teal road uniform.
This figure will be available nationwide this fall (Pistons).

     A recent study by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers
Association (SGMA) indicates U.S. children ages 6-17 prefer
"outdoor sports."  The SGMA reports that the ten most popular
recreational sports and athletic activities all take place
outdoors, and eight of ten involve a certain degree of aerobic
fitness.  The information has been abstracted from a study
conducted by American Sports Data, Inc.  This study is prepared
annually for SGMA and tracks participation in 62 sports and
activities (SGMA):
         (Ages 6-17; based on "frequent" participation)
     1. In-line Skating       25+ days/year          7,110
     2. Basketball            52+ days/year          6,200
     3. Touch Football        25+ days/year          4,040
     4. Slow-pitch Softball   25+ days/year          3,946
     5. Volleyball            25+ days/year          3,941
     6. Running/jogging       100+ days/year         3,429
     7. Baseball              52+ days/year          3,421
     8. Freshwater fishing    25+ days/year          2,751
     9. Tent Camping          15+ days/year          2,743
     10. Soccer               52+ days/year          2,674

     Another seven advertisers have inked deals with Turner
Network sales for ad time on the CNN/SI sports network to debut
December 12: Johnson & Johnson, Delta, Thrifty Rent-A-Car,
Corona, Circuit City, LCI Int'l and Logo 7 (INSIDE MEDIA, 10/16
issue)....Oscar Mayer is expected to announce today it will
sponsor the Super Bowl half-time show for the second year in a
row (USA TODAY, 10/17)....The Yankees wore Starter "Locker Room"
T-shirts upon winning the AL LCS Sunday. Starter will also supply
the NL champion, and the World Series Champion with shirts.
Yankees shirts are available at retail (Starter)....Investors and
analysts have "largely discounted" a rumored deal that would see
Philip Morris and PepsiCo merge (N.Y. POST, 10/17)....Tonight on
CBS' "48 Hours," Roberta Baskin reports on conditions at a Nike
factory in Vietnam (WASHINGTON POST, 10/17).

     "The biggest challenge to me is to get all parts of Wilson -
- all individual businesses and sports that we're active in --
running on the same strategies," Wilson Sporting Goods President
Jim Baugh says in an interview with SPORTING GOODS BUSINESS.
Baugh says the company does "ok" with some golf products, "but we
haven't led in technology like we have in tennis, and that's got
to be where we go in golf."  On recent downsizing, Baugh says,
"Our whole theme in the future is a lean organization.  I wanted
to become closer to the products, to the people, to our accounts
and to our consumer.  When you have lots of [organizational]
layers, you can't do that" (SGB, 10/96 issue).
     WHERE'S GINGER? Top-Flite is launching a $50M marketing and
ad campaign on October 24, with the release of two new TV spots.
Lee Trevino and Craig Stadler star in the first spot which will
air during ABC and ESPN's coverage of the PGA's Tour Championship
starting October 24.  The ad promotes the Top-Flight Titanium
Tour Irons which feature the new graphite shaft called the
"Muscle."  The second spot airs nationally on during ABC's Skins
Game coverage in November and utilizes TV's Gilligan, Bob Denver,
to promote the new Top-Flite XL Performance golf ball. This ad
campaign is the first time Top-Flite has ever used a non-athlete
to promote a golf product (Top-Flite).
     GOLF WORLD NEWS & NOTES: Wilson introduced the Staff
Titanium Series golf ball.  The company "touts" the ball as the
world's first titanium golf ball....In a new fall ball promo,
Maxfli will distribute special edition Greg Norman XS-100 golf
balls to green-grass and specialty shops.  The Norman balls come
complete with Norman's "0" and "Shark" side stamps....Sunderland
of Scotland has become an official licensed product partner with
PGA of America, and will provide outerwear for the '97 Ryder Cup
(GOLF WORLD, 10/11).

     The New York City Comptroller's office estimates that the
direct economic impact of the World Series will range from $11.4M
for two games at Yankee Stadium to $22.9M for four games,
according to Richard Sandomir in the N.Y. TIMES.  This follows a
$14.3M economic boost generated by the Divisional Series and the
LCS.  But Sandomir notes that "as a magnet for major local
economic activity, the World Series is not the Super Bowl."  The
MetroVision Economic Development Partnership Foundation says the
Super Bowl this January in New Orleans is expected to generate a
direct economic gain of $124.7M.  The World Series estimate also
"doesn't equal the economic impact forecast" of other local
events such as the Grammy Awards, or the U.S. Open tennis
championships.  But NYC Convention and Visitors Bureau
spokesperson Jeanine Moss said, "In terms of visibility and
promotion, the World Series is great for New York."  The TIMES'
Sandomir adds the Yankees in the World Series is also "a dream
come true" for MLB as the New York market "virtually guarantees
high viewership" (N.Y. TIMES, 10/17).