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Volume 24 No. 113
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     The WA Public Facilities District board voted 6-0 to approve
the "so-called" Ackerley site, located a block south of the
Kingdome, over two other nearby areas for the proposed Mariners'
baseball stadium, according to Steven Goldsmith in the SEATTLE
POST-INTELLIGENCER.  Applications for permits, needed to build a
stadium and permanently close a section of traffic, will be
submitted to the city Department of Construction and Land Use
today. Opposition to the chosen "remains," including local
leaders "seeking measures to prevent ballpark traffic from
blocking out neighborhood residents and customers."  Citizens
groups are "fighting to overturn" the tax plan that constitutes
the "lion's share" of the ballpark's $330M budget.  But the "most
serious threat" comes from clothing maker C.C. Filson Co., whose
plant would be torn down to make room for the ballpark.  Filson
has filed several lawsuits trying to "stop the ballpark board
from selecting the site."  Filson's latest appeal for "emergency
injunctive relief" was denied yesterday by the WA State Supreme
Court.  Ballpark advocates said "fair compensation and full
relocation assistance" are available to Filson and other affected