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Volume 24 No. 156
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     In addition to televising all four Alliance bowls, ABC has
acquired to right to sell the title sponsorships for the games,
according to INSIDE MEDIA's Langdon Brockinton.  ABC also has the
right to sell an overall title sponsorship to identify the new
bowl configuration.  Currently, FedEx, Frito-Lay (Tostitos) and
Nokia are the title sponsors of the Orange, Fiesta and Sugar
bowls, respectively.  The Rose Bowl has no such sponsor (INSIDE
MEDIA, 7/25).  The L.A. TIMES' Jim Hodges writes ABC will not
have the right to designate a title sponsor for the Rose Bowl.
Hodges:  "The game may become the 'Rose Bowl, presented by a
snack food company,' but there will be no potato chip painted on
the field for the game" (L.A. TIMES, 7/24).  In DC. Mark Asher
reports Alliance bowl payments are expected to hit nearly $12M
per team, before ticket revenues and local sponsorships, which
could be another $2.5M (WASHINGTON POST, 7/25).  Tournament of
Roses Head Harriman Cronk says ABC promised each of the four
Alliance bowls $18.5M a year -- not including ticket sales and
concessions (Hubler & Goldman, L.A. TIMES, 7/25).
     BIG WIN FOR THE MOUSE:  In L.A., Larry Stewart writes,  "CBS
never had a chance because ABC had the trump cards -- the Rose
Bowl and the money."  One ABC exec:  "The Lakers will spend $120
million over seven years for one player [Shaquille O'Neal], with
no guaranteed championships.  We're guaranteed a championship
every year" (L.A. TIMES, 7/24).  In S.F., Bruce Adams notes ABC
"is now holding a gun to the combined heads" of the Orange and
Fiesta Bowls and predicts they will be on ABC by the end of '98
(S.F. EXAMINER, 7/24).
     COTTON BOWL WANTS IN:  The prospect of a title game has
raised hopes in Dallas that the Cotton Bowl could fill one of the
four Alliance slots, according to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS.  Bart
Hubbach notes the Cotton's bid could depend on efforts by the
Cotton Bowl Dome Foundation to revamp the facility into the
proposed "Cotton Dome."  The group is expected to begin marketing
suites, PSLs and sponsorships in August (DALLAS MORNING NEWS,
7/24).  Cotton Bowl Exec Dir Rick Baker predicts the Gator and
Citrus (with Disney's ownership of ABC) will also bid (L.A.
TIMES, 7/24).
     OUTLOOK IN PASADENA:  Harriman Cronk, Tournament of Roses
Football Committee head, said despite an anticipated boost in TV
revenues, he does not expect Pasadena or the committee to
"benefit much" from a title game with most that money going to
the conferences (L.A. TIMES, 7/25).