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Volume 24 No. 135
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     Mattel will be the toy licensee of Disney's new animated TV
series, "Mighty Ducks," in which the NHL hopes to "expand its
popularity among the under-12 set," according to Terry Lefton at
BRANDWEEK.  Mattel's involvement is "possibly the first step in a
more comprehensive licensing agreement" with the NHL.  Sources
say the show "will receive additional support" from a McDonald's
promo in February.  The NHL also has "additional plans for a
live-action show aimed at preteens" (BRANDWEEK, 7/22 issue).
     IN OTHER NEWS:  A well-placed MLB source says Disney plans
to change the name of the Angels to "The Mighty Angels of
Anaheim." ... Champion's exclusive NBA on-court apparel deal
looks as though it will end after next season.  Sources say the
NBA is negotiating with a number of "rival licensees," most
notably Nike, Reebok and Starter. ... Former Apex President/CEO
Michael Lewis has left ISI  to form another NJ-based sports
marketing company in Montclair, called Scandia Worldwide.
Joining Lewis are two other ISI execs, Nick DeBillis and Mike
Ornstein.  Andy Evans, head of Scandia Racing, will serve as
Chair.  Lewis said the firm will "leverage Ornstein's extensive
player contacts to get into athlete and celebrity management, and
specialize in integrating technology with sports marketing."
Lewis:  "It's not an industry that's very technically advanced
and we'd like to change that" (Terry Lefton, BRANDWEEK, 7/22).