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Volume 24 No. 158


     The Atlanta Urban Design Commissioner has given the OK to a
scaled-down proposal for a mural of Shaquille O'Neal on a
downtown shoe store, according to Kent Walker of the ATLANTA
CONSTITUTION.  The commissioner had rejected a "mammoth" 60-by-80
foot mural, but a 10 1/2 by 20 1/2 foot sign of the Dream Teamer
was approved.  The new sign, on Friedman's Shoes, will be a
Reebok logo with a "shadowed O'Neal jumping out of it" and will
read "Visit Planet Reebok at Freeman's Shoes" (ATLANTA

     Champion unveiled the official Olympics Games Award Suit
American athletes will wear when they receive medals at the
Summer Games.  The Award Outfit has a "stylistic flame design,"
based upon the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron.  The "high
intensity" color flame design is printed on a shell of 100%
Polyester Crepe satin and accented with gold metallic embroidery
thread.  The jacket lining is nylon mesh and the sleeves are
lined with taffeta.  In addition to the Award Outfit, Champion
will provide the U.S. Olympic Team Parade Uniform, as well as
casual and dress apparel for all U.S. Olympic Team athletes.  A
replica Awards Suit will be available at retail along with other
officially licensed Olympic t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and
jackets (Champion).

     Anita DeFranz, one of the two U.S. members on the IOC, has
"become one of the Olympic movement's more influential members,"
according to a front page WALL STREET JOURNAL piece by Emory
Thompson.  DeFranz is the "only woman on the 11-member IOC
Executive Board ... and the first black woman ever elected to
it."  The JOURNAL's Thompson notes "now, her name even surfaces
in backroom discussions about the committee's top job."  DeFranz
is President of the Amateur Athletic Foundation and under her
leadership the group awards over 700 grants totaling nearly $32M
to youth sports programs.   But DeFranz has "drawn criticism"
early in her IOC tenure, as her "direct style did not sit well
with all IOC members."  IOC Exec Board Member Richard Pound, said
DeFranz is "learning" to be "more politically sensitive."  But
"her backing clearly counts within the Olympic movement," as many
suggest DeFranz's influence "had much to do with" the '94
selection of the only other U.S. member on the IOC Jim Easton.
Donna Lopiano, Exec Dir of the Women's Sports Foundation: "It's
incredible that many don't see what a force she is.  But you
can't find her fingerprints unless you look very carefully" (WALL

     The TV ad onslaught by Olympic sponsors leading up to and
during the Games, is profiled by Jeffrey Scott of the ATLANTA
CONSTITUTION.  Delta, Coca-Cola, Reebok, IBM and AT&T will all
unveil new Olympic TV spots over the next six weeks.  There will
be 20 hours of commercials on NBC's 170-plus hours of Games
coverage and companies are giving ad agencies a budget of
$500,000 or more per commercial to "produce spots that are
memorable and move product."  NBC's ad rate for a 30-second spot
averages $280,000, with some slots "going for as much as
$500,000."  Nike began their Olympic-themed ads in March and is
centering its $35M summer campaign around Atlanta (ATLANTA

     In the wake of Andrew Young calling Olympic trinkets "junk,"
the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION NOTES execs at Sare Lee's Champion
"aren't any more reverential" as they refer to their Sara Lee
Olympic Partnershp unit by its acronym: SLOP (ATLANTA