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Volume 24 No. 155

Facilities Venues

     Celtics GM Jan Volk is being "bandied about" as a potential
successor to departing FleetCenter President Larry Moulter,
according to the BOSTON HERALD.  In their "Inside Track" column,
Fee & Raposa note Delaware North head Richard Stevens has been in
Boston this week meeting with other possible candidates for the
post, including:  Boston attorney Bob Caporale; Providence Civic
Center GM Steve Lombardi; Providence Bruins Owner Ed Anderson;
and NHL Bruins Assistant GM Mike O'Connell.  In the interim,
company accountant Andy Nichols will take over for Moulter, who
leaves work on July 2 (BOSTON HERALD, 6/27).

     Houston Mayor Bob Lanier asked TX state legislators to
create a regional sports authority which would have the power to
use tax dollars to construct sports facilities, according to the
HOUSTON CHRONICLE.  Lanier's comments came during the last of
four public hearings for a subcommittee of the TX House Committee
on Business & Industry.  The Mayor, who admitted chances of a
potential sports authority with sales taxing authority are
"slim," said he hopes the Legislature would consider the use of
rental car, bed and incremental taxes to help subsidize almost
two-thirds of the $625M needed to build new facilities and
improve the Astrodome.  Lanier:  "It would be helpful to have a
sports authority that has some ongoing presence, some
institutional memory [with] ...a large a base as possible for
financing."  State Rep. Kyle Janek, who chaired the hearing, said
legislators would support a proposal allowing Houston-area voters
to decide if they want to impose additional taxes on themselves
(John Williams, HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 6/28).

     The proposal from Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) that
would prohibit state and local governments from issuing tax-
exempt bonds to build stadiums "worries Cleveland officials"
because the financing package for rebuilding Municipal Stadium,
which will require selling $140M in bonds later this summer, may
"have to be overhauled."  The Cleveland PLAIN DEALER's Phillips &
Diemer report questions remain over when the bill, if passed,
becomes effective, though Moynihan said he is willing to consider
"the need for equitable relief for stadiums already in the
planning stages."  Cleveland City finance director Kathryn Hyer:
"There already is a lot of substantial work that we believe
qualifies us for being well into the `planning stage.'"  Sen.
Mike DeWine (R-OH) said the bill has "zero chance" of passing and
a spokesperson for Senate Majority Whip Don Nickles (R-OK) said
the bill is not "on the radar screen" of the GOP leadership
(Cleveland PLAIN DEALER, 6/27).
     HEAR YE:  A USA TODAY editorial notes Nashville's decision
to put its $60M stadium bond sale on hold in wake of Moynihan's
bill: "If local communities want to waste their own money, that's
up to them" (USA TODAY, 6/28).

     Yankee Owner George Steinbrenner, on working with Donald
Trump to finance a new Yankee Stadium in Manhattan:  "We have
absolutely no deal going on.  Nothing.  Somebody's trying to make
a front page story and it isn't true.  Donald told me if he can
ever do anything to help me to let him know." (USA TODAY,
6/28)....Prince William Cannons Owner Arthur Silber is
threatening to move his Class A club if Prince William County, VA
does not help finance up to $2M in stadium improvements
(WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL, 6/28). ...The Steelers and
Pittsburgh Stadium Authority want to add 1,000 premium club seats
for the start of the '97 season (PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE, 6/28).