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     Mark Westerman, Fila USA's Dir of Advertising and
Communications, says showing a "creative difference" and being an
"alternative to mass distribution" will key the company's new
soccer division -- Soccer Calcio.  Angelo Anastasio has been
named Dir of Soccer for Fila, and U.S. National Team star Claudio
Reyna has signed as the company's first soccer spokesperson.
Fila's first soccer products, a small collection of apparel, will
be available at retail on October 25, primarily in soccer
specialty stores and catalogs.  Footwear and uniforms will be
added next year.  The uniforms will be marketed with a grass-
roots approach toward colleges and high schools.  Westerman notes
TV spots will hit this summer on cable and broadcast (THE DAILY).
     DETAILS: Anastasio's responsibilities include product
development and merchandising, as well as marketing and
promotion.  He was a player for the NASL Cosmos, a marketing exec
with both adidas and Diadora, and a World Cup USA VP for
Promotional Events.  Fila's multi-year agreement with Reyna will
cover soccer apparel and footwear (Fila).
     GRASS-ROOTS: As part of Fila's commitment to support youth
athletics at the grass-roots level, the company yesterday
announced plans to refurbish a youth soccer field in Washington,
DC.  Other grass-roots programs include a Backboard Replacement
Program with co-sponsor Foot Locker, and a planned project to
resurface tennis courts (Fila).
     ELIGIBILITY QUESTION: A FIFA rule regarding under-age
international tournaments has "jeopardized" the Olympic
eligibility of Reyna, an expected starter on the U.S. team,
according to the L.A. TIMES.  According to FIFA rules, no player
can participate in the same international under-age tournament
twice.  This includes the Olympics, an event designated for those
under 23.  Reyna played for the U.S. in '92, and because he was
still under 23 as of January 1, FIFA Secretary-General Sepp
Blatter told the USSF that Reyna is not eligible for '96.  USSF
officials, however, maintain Reyna would compete as one of the
team's three "over-age" players.  He turns 23 on July 20 -- the
date of the U. S. opener against Argentina (Mike Penner, L.A.
TIMES, 6/11).