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Volume 24 No. 137


     U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said ACOG should reimburse the
Pentagon "much more" for services during the Games, according to
Eunice Moscoso of the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.  A Senate Judiciary
Committee hearing turned into a debate "on the proper use of
military personnel during the Olympics."  ACOG claims to have
reimbursed $169,400 to the Defense Department and is planning to
pay at least $102,700 more for "nonsecurity items."  But Pentagon
figures note ACOG has reimbursed $564,930 for "a variety of
services," which could hit $816,000.  McCain said the military
will have dedicated 13,000 personnel and $51M in support, calling
much of it an ACOG subsidy (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 6/12).

     This week, Home Depot breaks its "ramp-up" campaign to the
Games, leveraging its $40M sponsorship in conjunction with 28
vendors.  The campaign includes a 60-second image spot with two
30-second offshoots and several 30-second versions with a 10-
second "donut" for product inserts.  The donuts (and in-store
materials) plug the 28 vendors that have signed on as partners.
The spots, from Richards Group, Dallas, begin airing this week
and continue through the Games (Steve Krajewski, BRANDWEEK, 6/10

     Miller is sponsoring an 18-day series of concerts in Atlanta
during the Games.  ACOG Spokesperson Scott Mall said it won't
conflict with official Olympic Sponsor Budweiser "as long as they
don't use the 'O-word.'" (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 6/12)....Atlanta
Mayor Bill Campbell has vetoed an ordinance that would have
allowed 24-hour alcohol sales during the Games (Minneapolis STAR
TRIBUNE, 6/12).

     Suntory Water Group, whose Crystal Springs brand is the
official bottled water of the Atlanta Games, is preparing for
"heavy in-market" activity as the Games approach, according to
BRANDWEEK.  The Atlanta-based company "is ready to launch" its
Heat Buster body-cooling atomizers, while some Olympic venues
will get saturated by in-line skating Heat Buster teams armed
with shower caps, water tanks and Super Soaker-style spray guns.
Suntory President Jim Stevens sees the Games as a chance to give
his regional brand a higher profile.  Suntory didn't decide to go
forward with their marketing plan until bottled water outsold all
other beverages at the first event at Atlanta's Olympic Stadium
(Gerry Khermouch, BRANDWEEK, 6/10 issue).