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Volume 24 No. 156

Facilities Venues

     Several Baltimore city planners are seeking design changes
to the Ravens proposed stadium "and have even suggested delaying
construction for a year to ensure a park equal in presence to
Oriole Park," according to the Baltimore SUN.  Ravens and MD
Stadium Authority officials "emphatically" rejected the idea, but
planners said the design is "so unimaginative and the building so
important to the city" that a delay may be warranted.  According
to MSA, a one-year delay will cost $16.5M in ticket sales, $12M
in inflation, and $5M in extra pay for architects and contractors
while the Ravens play an extra year in Memorial Stadium.  Ravens
VP David Modell:  "There's no way.  Our deal called for us to go
into the new stadium in 1998 and we have basically constructed
our entire business schedule around that" (Marcia Myers,
Baltimore SUN, 6/12).

     The Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority may pay an
additional $9M towards a new $165M Heat arena so that Dade County
will not have to dip into its general fund, according to the
MIAMI HERALD.  The Authority will now pay $24M total, with the
$9M held in reserve should Dade's other cash sources, such as
tourism revenue, fall short.  Even with extra $9M, Dade will
pledge $7M from sales tax proceeds as backup.  Metro Dade
Commissioner Katy Sorenson, an arena opponent, said the plan "has
gotten a little bit better," but added, "Let the Heat build its
own arena.  It can well afford to do so" (Don Finefrock, MIAMI
HERALD, 6/11).

     On the same day that the Oakland City Council and the
Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted to issue $140M in joint
bonds for the reconstruction of Oakland Coliseum Arena, the two
bodies considered changes in the 16-year lease between the
Coliseum and the Raiders.  According to Tara Shioya of the S.F.
CHRONICLE, changes would give the Raiders incentive to help
billboard and broadcast sales which have been "disappointing" due
to poor A's attendance and construction work on the stadium.
Under the current lease, the first $3.5M generated by ad revenue
goes to the A's, the next $500,000 to the Coliseum and the next
$500,000 to the Raiders.  In the proposed lease, after the $3.5M
to the A's, all revenue would be divided equally between the
Coliseum and the Raiders.  Also, the Raiders would build 139
rather than 175 luxury suites, with remaining boxes to be added
whenever demand arose (S.F. CHRONICLE, 6/12).

     The newest plan to finance a new Brewers stadium appears to
need three more votes to pass the 13-member stadium board
Roger Goodell, Senior VP of Business and Football Development,
will be in Houston Friday to consult with officials on
construction of a new football stadium (HOUSTON CHRONICLE,
6/12)....The Redskins unveiled a model of one of 280 executive
suites available at their new stadium.  The suites include 12
seats facing the field, four stools behind, sofas and swivel arm
chairs and will be sold for $59,950 to $159,950 (WASHINGTON
TIMES, 6/12)....The Reds have "belatedly" contributed $41,000 to
a campaign for the March stadium/sales tax vote (Baltimore SUN,
6/12)....In Tampa, Tom McEwen writes the naming of Tampa
Stadium's after Houlihan's is "another reminder the Glazers
consider public relations their lowest priority" (TAMPA TRIBUNE,