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Volume 24 No. 115

Sports Industrialists

     The Black Sports Agents Association will holds its first
general meeting on June 16 in Oakland.  The group was brought
together originally by Rev. JESSE JACKSON and the Rainbow
Coalition and has held several smaller meetings.  But now, they
are looking to grow beyond their current membership of around 300
under the leadership of President LEN ELMORE, head of Precept
Sports, and Financial Chair ANDRE FARR of Farr Sports
Enterprises.  The group's primary goal at this stage of its
development, according to Farr, is to get all black sports agents
to join.  He also noted that the group will be open to all others
involved in athlete representation, including financial managers,
accountants, insurance agents and attorneys.  From there, Farr
told THE DAILY, goals will be to educate the membership -- and,
in turn, athletes -- on the business of sports, as well as to re-
educate the public and others in the industry that African-
Americans are just as able as other agents.  As for the
relationship to the Rainbow Coalition, Farr noted the group's
role as the driving force behind the formation of the
Association.  But he added that the Black Sports Agents
Association will not get involved in all issues the Coalition
takes up.  Farr:  "We deal in sports" (THE DAILY).

     Former Tigers pitcher DENNY MCLAIN and two partners have
been indicted on charges of conspiracy and pension theft with
regard to the transfer of $12M of their meat packing company's
pension funds (DETROIT NEWS, 5/10)... Business journalist DAN
DORFMAN suffered a mild stroke.  He is expected to recover fully
(NEWSDAY, 5/10)... .Fred Edelstein reports Raiders Owner AL DAVIS
had heart surgery in Cleveland last week under an assumed name.
He is expected to make a complete recovery (NewSport,
5/10)....The Bonham Group, a Denver-based sports marketing firm
named DON HINCHEY as Dir of Creative Services (The Bonham Group).