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Volume 24 No. 116
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     The economic perks of the NBA playoffs are examined in the
ORLANDO SENTINEL.  Gene Yasuda reports, as opposed to the regular
season where the NBA takes 6% of net gate receipts and the home
team keeps 94%, during the playoffs, the league keeps 45% and the
home team 55%.  With its share, the NBA pays the cost of
overseeing the playoffs and forms a "bonus" pool to reward team
accomplishments during the year.  For example, last year's $7M
bonus pool sent $224,000 to the team with the best record and
$196,000 to the team with the best record in each conference.
Teams that made it through the first round of the playoffs a year
ago were awarded $101,500, while conference finalists earned
$199,500.  The playoffs also boost merchandising.  Magic Media
Relations Dir Alex Martins:  "We're already selling Atlantic
Division Champions T-shirts and we'll be selling specific t-
shirts for each round of the playoffs" (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 4/25).