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Volume 24 No. 156

Facilities Venues

     The proposed Bucs stadium tax suffered a serious blow in the
FL Senate that "ultimately could kill a deal to keep the team in
Tampa," according to this morning's TAMPA TRIBUNE.  A Senate
panel rejected a measure allowing Hillsborough County residents
to vote on a rental car tax to raise up to $8M a year toward the
new $168M stadium.  Instead, the committee amended the bill to
allow a property tax increase, which local leaders believe would
be "soundly defeated at the polls."  Bucs Exec VP Joel Glazer,
son of Owner Malcolm Glazer, called the move "very
disappointing," but added there was still time left in the
session.  The original bill could still pass on the Senate
through amendments, but sponsor John Grant called that "nearly
impossible."  Asked about the city's next move, Tampa Mayor Dick
Greco: "Help them pack" (TAMPA TRIBUNE, 4/23).

     Though January's formal proposal for the Tigers' new,
42,000-seat stadium included 65 private suites, the team is now
considering increasing that number to 70-75 suites, according to
Robert Ankeny of CRAIN's DETROIT BUSINESS.  Tigers Vice President
Dave Glazier says a phone campaign to solicit luxury box
candidates will begin in 30 days, but the team is getting a
healthy amount of interest from the business community (CRAIN'S
DETROIT BUSINESS, 4/15 issue).

     Senior VA lawmakers supported proposals for a mix of
regional tax increases to pay for most of a new $250M Northern VA
ballpark.  Proposals included raising local sales and rental car
taxes or taxes on wine and liquor sales, as well as levying a 10%
surcharge on baseball tickets.  The special committee has until
July 1 to form a financing plan on a new facility (WASHINGTON
POST, 4/23).