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Volume 24 No. 156

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     The FDA is "holding its ground" on proposed tobacco
advertising restrictions for magazines and billboards, but is
reopening comment on some other ad provisions as it tries to
further explain some rules, according to ADVERTISING AGE.  In a
notice released Monday, the FDA said there had been a number of
questions on how it arrived at rules banning tobacco signs within
1,000 feet of a school or playground and limiting magazine ads to
"tombstone ads" -- black and white with text only -- in
publications with more than 15% readership by those under age 18.
In a memorandum released Monday, the FDA said a study by the
Tobacco Institute confirmed "the wisdom" of the 15% standard,
showing that the only sports and racing magazines affected would
be Sports Illustrated (18%), Car and Driver (18.3%), Motor Trend
(22.1%) and Road and Track (20.6%) (AD AGE ONLINE, 3/19).

     Golf is "at the core" of IMG's identity, with sources saying
golf activities account for about $200M of IMG's annual revenues,
according to a GOLFWEEK report.  IMG execs have "been reluctant"
to put a dollar value on their golf business because it overlaps
into other IMG activities, including TV and event promotion.  In
'90, golf accounted for 18% of IMG's $700M in revenue, but
Alastair Johnson, IMG's head of Worldwide Golf, says the
"absolute dollars" golf generates has increased, but the
percentage has dropped due to diversification (Adam Barr,
GOLFWEEK, 3/16 issue).   OTHER STROKES:  CNN's "Moneyline" looked
at the "unparalleled success" of the Senior PGA Tour, which began
in '80 with two events and $250,000 in prizes and now boasts 45
stops and over $37M in purses.  TV coverage has tripled since
'87, a fact advertisers "cannot ignore."  BBDO's Stephen Grubbs
remains optimistic the Tour will continue to prosper:  "Golf is
one of the hottest sports in the country and it has a unique
target audience, so for the foreseeable future, I don't see that
well running dry" (CNN, 3/18).... The management contract for The
Skins Game has been awarded to Palm Desert, CA-based ViP Golf
Services.  OCC Sports Inc. and Transworld International, an arm
of IMG, promote the event as a joint venture (GOLFWEEK, 3/16

     Cobra Golf officials say the demand for King Cobra Ti woods
has clubhead supplier IMI Titanium Inc. working double and triple
shifts (GOLF WORLD, 3/15 issue)....For the first time in two
years, Avia will advertise exclusively to women.  The new print
campaign targets active women ages 28 to 44, and will break in
May publications.  In addition to national advertising, Avia is
dedicating all of its '96 marketing resources to strengthen its
women's fitness business (AVIA)....Adidas America's attempt to
upgrade its "subpar" warehousing and shipping computer system in
January has "worked at glacial speeds, when it has worked at all"
(Jeff Manning, Portland OREGONIAN, 3/16)....Dodgers pitcher Hideo
Nomo is now endorsing a Japanese long distance company.  Callers
from Japan can dial in and leave a message for Nomo and hear a
personal message ("Up Close," ESPN, 3/18).... Michael Hiestand
notes Lil' Penny will appear in Nike spots during the Final Four
in which he argues that he, not the Mariner Moose, should be Ken
Griffey Jr.'s running mate (USA TODAY, 3/19)....Shaquille O'Neal
and Monica Seles joined partner Robert Earl and Walt Disney World
Resort Exec VP Al Weiss yesterday to announce the opening of an
Official All Star Cafe at Disney's Sports Complex in May '97 (All
Star Cafe)....Disney stock was down 2 3/8 yesterday, closing at
66 7/8 after Dean Witter downgraded the company and cut earnings
estimates by 20 cents ("NBR," PBS, 3/18).

     Nike's hockey division will hire an entirely new sales force
to market the company's ice and in-line skates due to arrive in
retail outlets next year, according to SPORTING GOODS BUSINESS.
The new effort will be independent of Nike's apparel and footwear
reps, as well as subsidiary Canstar.  Pierre Boivin, GM of Nike's
hockey division and CEO of Canstar, said it would not make sense
to thrust an entire new category on Nike's existing sales force
and that combining forces with Canstar was not a possibility.
Boivin:  "The intention is to truly be two brands" (Andy
Bernstein, SPORTING GOODS BUSINESS, 3/96 issue).
     MORE NIKE NEWS:  Distribution of Nike's NFL Pro Line
merchandise will be "limited" to just over two dozen chains next
season, most of which will receive only enough product to satisfy
local markets where Nike is outfitting NFL teams. According to
SPORTING GOOD BUSINESS, Foot Locker and FootAction will be among
the few with enough merchandise to go national (SPORTING GOODS
BUSINESS, 3/96)....Nike's total revenue hit a record $1.49B last
quarter, up 38% from the same quarter last year (Portland

     The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) and Pennzoil announced
yesterday that Pennzoil has become the official motor oil of the
IMS, the Indianapolis 500 and the Indy Racing League.  Pennzoil
and IMS began discussions upon Valvoline ending its exclusive
relationship with IMS on Friday.  They agreed over the weekend to
a multi-year relationship which will provide Pennzoil with a
dominant presence at the Speedway.  Elements of the agreement
include track signage, Gasoline Alley presence, and sponsorship
of a major attraction in May within Indy FanFest, the Speedway's
on-site interactive "500" theme park.  Further terms were not
released.  Pennzoil is also one of five official sponsors for
Indy's Brickyard 400 NASCAR race.  Pennzoil Senior VP/Marketing
Thomas Floyd said the agreement gives Pennzoil a presence at the
three "top" motorsports events -- the Indy 500, Brickyard 400 and
Indy 500 pole day.  Floyd said Pennzoil is equally pleased to be
official motor oil of the new IRL:  "Indianapolis racing is in
its greatest growth mode ever, and it's our intent to capitalize
on that growth in the oil retailing marketplace" (IMS).
     DUAL SPONSORSHIP:  IMS spokesperson Bob Walters told THE
DAILY that "it doesn't matter" that Pennzoil is also a sponsor of
CART's U.S. 500.  Walters:  "It was not our choice to have
sponsors brought into some of the political things going on
[between IRL and CART]."  Pennzoil spokesperson Carolyn Magnuson
noted the chance to sponsor IMS was a "never-before-available
opportunity," and she added that when there is a resolution
between CART and IRL, "We'll be in a good position" (THE DAILY).

     Chicago clothier Bigsby & Kruthers is taking a chance with
one of sports' most volatile stars.  The company features the
likeness of Dennis Rodman (suspended and fined yesterday for
head-butting an NBA official) on the north wall of its Kennedy
Expressway warehouse, according to the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.  Rodman
is depicted in a sleeveless suit next to a full-length Michael
Jordan.  Rodman's hair will extend above the roof and change
colors every time Rodman changes his hair color.  Cubs 2B Ryne
Sandberg will join the two Bulls (Steve Rosenbloom, CHICAGO SUN-
TIMES, 3/19).