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Volume 24 No. 156

Law Politics

     A bill aimed at protecting athletes and universities from
"unscrupulous sports agents" could be considered by the CO
Senate's Education Committee this week.  If passed, the bill,
sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Jeff Wills, would subject
agents to $10,000 fines for contacting student-athletes prior to
the end of their collegiate eligibility.  The bill includes a
provision allowing schools to sue agents for losses resulting
from NCAA sanctions.  The bill also would require agents'
contracts to be standardized and filed with the athlete's school
within 72 hours of being signed and allow the student-athlete
rescind rights within 15 days of signing (Curtis Eichelberger,

     The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Reds' argument that the
team legally is not required to pay overtime to cleaning and
maintenance employees.  The team had claimed exemption from the
federal Fair Labor Standards Act's time-and-a-half overtime
requirement citing the fact that they are a seasonal amusement or
entertainment operation.  The workers noted that they also worked
during the off-season, as the Reds operate Riverfront Stadium for
the Bengals.  The Reds employ 700 people during the MLB season,
and 120 during the off-season (AP/WASHINGTON POST, 3/19).