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Volume 24 No. 117
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     NBA Entertainment and CBS/FOX announced yesterday the
introduction of a new plan to integrate NBA Video under the NBA's
"I Love This Stuff" marketing umbrella supported by a $2M
advertising and promotional campaign between May-December '96.
The campaign will include national and regional TV, radio and
print advertising.  The new marketing push will be launched when
Michael Jordan and Grant Hill videos are released on May 7.
There will be new sub-brands for NBA Video including:  NBA
Superstars Series, NBA Championship Series, NBA Action Series,
and NBA Music Jams Series.  NBA Video boxes will contain the "I
Love This Stuff" logo, the NBA hologram to authenticate the
product, and a color coordinating system to differentiate sub-
brands of the NBA Video line.  NBA Videos will now also have a
new pricing structure with all videos at $14.98, except NBA
Championship Series videos at $19.98.  All tapes released in
Canada will also be $19.98.  The new tagline:  "Nothing Gets You
Closer To The Game."  In addition to "Michael Jordan: Above &
Beyond" and "Grant Hill: NBA Sensation," other '96 releases
include "Dream Team '96 Goes for the Gold," "The Official 1996
Finals Video," an untitled video with Dream Team III highlights,
and "NBA Jam Extreme" (NBA).  The NBA is also planning joint
promotions with Nestle, AmEx, Acclaim and Skybox to support the
videos (AD AGE ONLINE, 3/13).