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Volume 24 No. 158


     UT Gov. Mike Leavitt told Salt Lake Council members Tuesday
the 2002 Games belong to the state, not Salt Lake City, according
to the DESERET NEWS.  Those comments came as council members met
with Leavitt after a bill was passed declaring they do not have
the legal power to ratify appointments to the SLOOC board of
trustees.  Appointments to the board are made jointly by the
governor and mayor.  Leavitt said Salt Lake City does not have
any greater interest in the Games than other cities in the state,
and that the state is taking the financial risk of hosting the
Games by agreeing to indemnify Salt Lake City against any losses
(Lisa Riley Roche, DESERET NEWS, 2/28).
     MARKETING TALKS:  Negotiations continue between the SLOOC
and USOC over how to divide marketing money.  SLOOC President Tom
Welch said his group submitted a plan to the USOC and is
reviewing their response.  A meeting on details is expected
sometime next month (SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, 2/29).

     Olympic volleyball fan and New Mexico resident Wade Miller
recently tried to order Olympic tickets by phone, but found out
operators for the '96 Games were "geographically impaired,"
according to the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.  After telling the
operator he was from New Mexico, Miller was put on hold.  The
operator then came back and said she couldn't sell tickets to
someone who lives outside the country.  Miller spent half an hour
trying to convince the agent that New Mexico is a state.  She
then transferred him to her supervisor who responded, "Sir, New
Mexico, old Mexico, it doesn't matter.  I understand it's a
territory, but you still have to go through your nation's Olympic
committee."  ACOG officials said the incident was a one-time
occurrence (Lyle Harris, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 2/29).