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Volume 24 No. 156
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     More excerpts from speeches at the 1996 National Sports
Forum in Colorado Springs, CO.
     JERRY MCMORRIS, Rockies Owner, on how they market the team:
"We work very hard to market the Rockies as a regional concept
and we've been good at that and marketed successfully in Wyoming,
New Mexico, and Montana."  On the business of baseball:  "I don't
think that professional sports should be something that only
people on expense accounts or in luxury suites can afford.  In
our case, the public paid part of the bill and they have the
right of ownership.  I think the average fan must be able to get
into the game, and that makes good sense for us."  On MLB labor
talks:  "I would not be surprised to see us play without a
contract for some time.  Is it my first choice?  No.  But the
signals and signs I get are not good."
     FRED OSTERN, VP/Marketing at Fotoball USA, on the state of
sports sponsorships:  "The sports industry needs to be aware that
the dollars for sponsorships are dwindling.  You need to be able
to deliver real value and help clients make a difference at the
retail level" (THE DAILY).