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Volume 24 No. 112
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     Super Bowl XXX "could draw the biggest share of the nation's
attention" since Super Bowl XX, according to Mike Kiley in
Chicago.  That game, Bears-Patriots, drew a 70 share.  Super
Bowls with the Cowboys in '93 and '94 were the "biggest draws" in
the last six years with shares of 66.  Of the 12 Super Bowls
since '67 that have reached a 70 share or beyond, the Cowboys
played in four -- including a 78, when Pittsburgh beat Dallas in
     SUPER BOWL MEDIA NOTES:  For the first time in history, NBC,
in conjunction with the NFL, will offer a secondary, foreign
language audio feed (Spanish) to its affiliates and NBC TV
stations during coverage of Super Bowl XXX. ... The NFL,
Microsoft and NBC Sports announced a schedule of events to be
cybercast live from Tempe on the official Super Bowl XXX Web site
at (NBC Sports).
     TURNER WEIGHS IN:  TNT premiered "The Super Bowl at 30: Big
Game America" last night.  Narrated by Martin Sheen, the show
mixed NFL Films highlights from the 29 previous games with
commentary from sports writers, NFL execs and players.  Frank
Deford:  "The Super Bowl is the closest thing we have to a
secular holiday."  One segment focused on the marketing
opportunities presented by the Super Bowl and its participants --
 the "marriage between Madison Avenue and the Super Bowl."  Jon
Mandel, Senior VP Grey Advertising:  "We're not talking about
running a spot in 'As the World Turns.' We're talking about
running a spot that is going to be seen by millions upon millions
of people; that is going to be talked about for the weeks leading
up to the Super Bowl and if you do a good job, the weeks after.
You're bringing out the best in the creative talents and it's
almost like -- 'Can you top this?'" (TNT, 1/22).